Surgery Info & Forms

General Information:

All surgeries require a preliminary consultation with the doctor and may require specialized testing. If you think you may need glaucoma or cataract surgery, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Huang generally operates on Monday mornings at Seattle Surgery Center. Surgical appointments are generally available within 1-2 weeks of your consultation, however, wait times may vary. Laser procedures are done at Swedish Medical Center and can take a few weeks to be scheduled.

Glaucoma Surgery:

There are several types of glaucoma surgery and they take place at different surgical centers. Laser procedures take place at Swedish Medical Center, while surgical procedures take place at Seattle Surgery Center. Seattle Surgery Center will contact you the Friday prior to your surgery to advise you of your check-in time. If you are scheduled at Swedish Medical Center, you will received detailed instructions and check-in information from our staff.

If you are unsure which procedure you are scheduled for, please contact our office for assistance.

For general information on glaucoma, please visit our Patient Education Center.

Laser Procedure Forms:

  • Consent, etc

Surgical Procedure Forms:

  • Consent, etc

Cataract Surgery:

Cataract surgery is performed at Seattle Surgery Center. The surgery center will contact you the Friday prior to your surgery to advise you of your check-in time, we are unable to provide a specific time prior to this.

For general information on cataracts, please visit our Patient Education Center.

  • Consent forms, et

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